Calling all Renegades

Hi, I’m Adam Kinzinger. I’m 45 years old and a husband, father, and native of the Heartland. And, as Kent Brockman of the Simpsons would say, “You may know me” from my work as a member of the January 6 investigating committee, where I served as just one of two Republicans who led an inquiry that got to the truth of the 2021 attack on the US Capitol, including Donald Trump’s involvement.

Although today I am widely known as a GOP renegade — and my book RENEGADE is out! — my experience watching the extremists taking over our party led me to be a doubter long ago. As I’ll share in the Substack I discovered that self-interest was so high among House members that I could count on one hand the number of Republicans who were in it to do the right thing. I recognized that like them, I had been driven to seek office — at least in part — by my ego. Unlike them I found it ever more difficult to play along, as moderates like me were shoved to the sidelines and fraudsters who were interested only in power grabbed it.

The change that came over me with time accelerated as I dealt with Donald Trump —bully, autocrat, liar, and a coward — and watched grown men and women shrivel and hand him the party in the face of his threats. My transformation quickened as I married my wife Sofia, who has a keen ethical sensibility and quickened again when my son Christian was born. Today I am a recovering politician who recognizes that my old party is fading away as it is converted to a fascist cause.

I am also, though still devoutly Christian, a recovering fundamentalist, a reformed attention-hog and an ally to others working to protect our democracy. This work requires that I show myself worthy of trust and in that spirit I am inviting you to the Substack to watch as I consider everything from my new perspective, which is informed by a past spent near the top of the GOP.

In addition to my regular posts, subscribers will access more (and varied) reports on my professional activities as a speaker, on-air CNN contributor, and partisan in the struggle over the country’s future. Along the way I’ll introduce you to my family — including those I seem to offend with my independence — and let you in on some of the secrets of political life. (One example: For politicians, publicity is a drug as powerful as any, and once you’ve had it you crave more.) Please consider becoming a paid subscriber…it ain’t expensive and it allows me to spend more time here fighting for the causes we believe in, namely, DEMOCRACY!

I believe that in addition to duty and hard work, life is about the people you love and who love you. It is supposed to be fun, and meaningful, and a source of realistic hope. Come along with me, we’ll share it all.

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I’m terrified by America’s fascism trend and disgusted that my party is now a Trump cult. My time inside the system and in the probe of the January 6 attack has left me with just an ember of hope. Making it grow requires the hard truth. Can we handle it?


Husband, dad, pilot, Lt. Col in @AirNatlGuard, CNN Senior Political Commentator, former Congressman, and founder of